STIHL - the No.1 selling brand of chainsaws
Rebranding and positioning STIHL products in the Macedonian market with a comprehensive website, content strategy, and e-commerce platform.

# challenge

Establishing STIHL in Macedonia

The main challenge was to effectively rebrand and position STIHL products in the Macedonian market, ensuring strong online presence and customer engagement.

# our approach

Strategic rebranding and digital transformation

We developed a robust content strategy, designed an engaging website, and built a seamless e-commerce platform to enhance brand recognition and drive sales.

# design phase

The design phase focused on creating a user-friendly, visually appealing website that reflects the quality and reliability of STIHL products, incorporating modern design elements and intuitive navigation.

# development phase

The development phase involved building a scalable, secure e-commerce platform with integrated payment gateways, inventory management, and customer support features, ensuring a smooth and efficient shopping experience.


# results & conclusion

Transformative REBRANDING & DIGITAL SUCCESS for STIHL in Macedonia

The rebranding efforts significantly increased brand awareness and online visibility, attracting a wider audience and establishing a strong digital presence in the Macedonian market.

The new e-commerce platform boosted sales and customer satisfaction, with a notable increase in online transactions and positive feedback from users, solidifying STIHL’s market position in Macedonia.

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