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2.5 years - collab

Led a team of designers and managed client onboarding at Weblify, significantly improving client satisfaction and productivity over 2.5 years. 

# role & challenges

Enhancing client experience & team productivity

During my 2.5 years at Weblify, I played a crucial role in enhancing client experience and team productivity, leading to significant improvements in both areas. As the leader of a team of three designers, I was responsible for managing the client onboarding process and ensuring quality assurance (QA). 

Client-centric onboarding and rigorous QA


One of my key achievements was improving client satisfaction scores by 15%. This was achieved by implementing a client-centric onboarding process that emphasized clear communication, thorough needs assessment, and tailored solutions. Additionally, I introduced rigorous quality checks during the onboarding phase, which resulted in a 30% reduction in errors and ensured a smoother client experience.

# head of department

Maintaining the company's reputation for excellence

As the head of QA, I led the department to achieve a record of zero major defects in product releases, maintaining consistent high-quality deliverables. My focus on meticulous QA practices played a crucial role in maintaining the company’s reputation for excellence.

# increase team productivity by 25%

Furthermore, through effective task management, I was able to increase team productivity by 25%. This resulted in a higher volume of projects being completed within deadlines, contributing to the company's overall success. Over the course of my tenure, I worked on more than 150 projects, demonstrating my ability to manage a high workload while maintaining quality and efficiency.

My time at Weblify was marked by a dedication to improving processes and delivering exceptional results, which ultimately strengthened client relationships and enhanced the company’s productivity.

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