Simple idea into a thriving local business 💡

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Simple idea into a thriving local business. 💡

I’m in Sal, an island in Cape Verde.

🌴 For a 10-minute swim with 🦈 baby sharks, I rented these semi-ugly fake Crocs for 4€. They weren’t even clean from a previous customer nor my exact number.

The locals here have a smart setup. With around 10 people in each of the three daily tour groups, they’re making $60 every half hour by renting out swimming shoes. 💰 The prices vary, and tourists usually come with flip flops or sneakers, making the demand for these makeshift Crocs quite high.

The idea for a local business

What caught my attention is how they’ve turned a simple idea into a thriving local business. 💡 The average monthly salary for locals is $130-$150, and this venture seems to be bringing in good money. It’s a testament to creating a model that caters to a consistently “hungry crowd” (by the book of Alex Hormozi – “$100M Offers”) —people who’d rather pay $2 to rent shoes for a one-time use than buy them.

Innovation doesn’t always require flashy strategies. Sometimes, it’s about understanding your audience and meeting their needs.

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