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The largest academic-based technology and ­business event in the Nordics 🚀

As the largest academic-based technology and business event in the Nordics, it provided a well-organized platform for startups, innovators, and professionals to converge and share their insights. This event was particularly special for me as it marked my first foray into the vibrant tech community in Copenhagen. Here’s a glimpse into my experience and the invaluable knowledge I gained.

🎙️ Startup pitches, innovation at its best

One of the most engaging aspects of the Digital Tech Summit was the startup pitches. The ingenuity and creativity on display were truly inspiring. Here are a few startups that caught my attention:

  1. Write With LAIKA – this startup offers personalized AI-powered writing partners. Their innovative approach to enhancing the writing process through AI demonstrates the potential for technology to augment human creativity.
  2. SPKTRA ApS – engaged in developing the vision system of the future, SPKTRA caters to a wide range of industries. Their cutting-edge solutions promise to revolutionize how businesses utilize visual data.
  3. DemensAI – focused on detecting dementia through speech, DemensAI is at the forefront of using technology for early diagnosis and healthcare improvement. Their work highlights the critical role of AI in advancing medical diagnostics.
  4. NOORDAN – dk – spearheading a transformative approach to contemporary shoe production, NOORDAN is redefining manufacturing processes with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

Keynote speech by the professor Claus Nygaard

A highlight of the summit was the insightful speech delivered by Professor Claus Nygaard. He delved into the intricacies of automation processes using ChatGPT and Zapier. His discussion underscored the transformative power of AI and automation in streamlining business operations and enhancing efficiency. Professor Nygaard’s expertise provided a deep understanding of how these technologies can be leveraged to drive innovation and productivity.

Networking ⭐️

Networking is a vital component of any industry event, and the Digital Tech Summit was no exception. I had the pleasure of engaging in a brief but insightful conversation with Victor A. Madsen, a Sales Consultant in Cloud at Devoteam. Our exchange of valuable advice and perspectives was incredibly enriching. These interactions underscore the importance of networking in expanding one’s horizons and fostering professional growth.

About Digital Tech Summit 🌍

The Digital Tech Summit is more than just a conference; it’s a convergence of minds and ideas. Organized by prestigious institutions such as Copenhagen Business School, Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, and others, the summit brings together over 5,000 decision-makers, engineers, companies, academia, startups, investors, and students. The event serves as a platform to discuss, challenge, and redefine technology and its impact on industry and society.

This year’s theme, “AI Transforming Business,” was particularly relevant, given the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence. The program also touched upon critical topics such as energy, food-tech, health-tech, transportation, cybersecurity, and Gov-tech, while exploring technologies like machine learning, virtual reality, IoT, quantum computing, and robotics.

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